Day and night, they pass.
Each as grisly as the last
Everything's dirty, everything's right there
Everything's always been somewhere

Gaze now, at the soles of your feet
The dirt is their prize, from the illusion's defeat
Yet, as you wash it all off, you're told you're pure
You escape the beauty of the mud's allure

Sit on the grass, freshly cut
Feel the cool dirt, and your eyes, let them shut
This feeds all you see and all you will
Feel it, love it, and bask in this newfound bliss, beautifully still

Love all you see, in this dirt
All that
Creeps and crawls
and weeps and bawls
and cheeps and calls 
(for love, as they know can only hurt)

Wind in your hair is not of a poem or book
It keeps in check all that life has left shook

For love, we tie stones round our finger
Should that gaze forget to linger

We are one with the earth and shall be bound here till the end of time
On here, we have loved, lost, and lived, blessed in an unending crime



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