I'm not sure anymore, 
but I just might be.
I love being vague,
it creates so many loose ends

I'm a pretentious prick,
yeah, sure, but I own it,
like no one else would,
at the cost of real friends.

I see eyes gloss over
every time I open my mouth.
I know I'm not really the best
to capture the imagination

You see, it's just that..........

The words, they tumble out
No pause, not giving my brain
a chance to glance at all 
the havoc they could wreak

I need to talk,
it's an urge,
an addiction
and I'm hooked 

I love it, 
I relish it, 
with every breath, 
with every flourish,
with every shout,
with every overtly 
exaggerated action, 

I see smiles,I hear laughter,
sweet as the tinkling of wind-chimes
at me, or with me, I could not care less.

Just a quick flash of a smile, 
and I'm content.
It's a beautiful sight.


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